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Re: New Wiki 'Feature'

Am Samstag, 15.01.05 um 14:06 Uhr schrieb Thierry Reding:

Furthermore there seems to be an issue with character encoding. This usually shows up when the charset you use in the browser doesn't match the charset given in the file that outputs the language selection bar on the top of the

As far as I have seen the Wiki produces UTF-8 encoding. So, if there are characters in the pages, that can only have happend if a browser used to write did not honour the UTF-8 of delivery _and_ page header.

It would be nice if some people could test that, to see whether it is a
real issue or just a problem for me.

What browser did you use and on which URL did you see a problem? Whithout that info your bug report is a bit unspecific.




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