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charset problems with dw wiki, was: New Wiki 'Feature'


Am Sonntag, 16.01.05 um 04:24 Uhr schrieb Thierry Reding:

For me, all pages return ISO-8859-1 as encoding (using Firefox, ELinks and lynx). Manually switching to UTF-8 yields bogus characters. This applies to Firefox and lynx (couldn't figure out how to change the encoding in ELinks).

I just had a look: The server serves IS=-8859-1 for the German pages (which is correct) but the page does not contain the charset, but as far as I have seen, the charset _is_ iso-8859-1 everywhere. I thought I have seen the charset in page source code in the browser earlier, but am not sure any longer now. As Anna knows the wiki quite well, she might have a look at that.

But If the pages are iso-8859-1 and are delivered as that, any browser should show up everything correctly, even if the page source does not show the character set.

This usually
shows up when the charset you use in the browser doesn't match the charset given in the file that outputs the language selection bar on the top of the

I included that from your first message again. And you my give me a hint what is meant with "charset in the browser does not match charset in language selection bar" The browser should turn to latin1, when it gets the page. and then there cannot be a problem at all. normally with the browser istself, if it is compliant. But there may be an issue if the terminal, lynx runs in, is us-ascii anything else different from latin1 or latin9. For now I still do not see an issue. Who would turn the charset of the browser nanually to something which is not in the page?

Could you please describe a bit more exactly, what you see, if you just call a page without changing settings in the browsers and add the page url to that description? Else we cannot reproduce anything, maybe. What are your preferences for language and charset for your browsers?

"$ curl --head http://www.debianwomen.org/wiki/";
"Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1;"

Where the content-type should be "application/xml+xhtml" - but that it not related to any charset problem.




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