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Re: Next #d-women forum; topics anyone?

> I've been volunteered (due to an apparently fortuitous position
> timezone-wise) to moderate the next meeting on the debian-women IRC
> channel.

Thanks Matt :)

> Please raise your ideas for discussion topics, and one of the ones that
> gets
> general support (and that I have some idea about, since I'll be leading
> the
> discussion) will be our Topic Of The Month.

I'd really love to talk about how some of the problems of equal access to
opportunity we encounter in most western countries that have already been
solved in part by some of the eastern countries. I know that Malaysia has
something like 70% women in ICT generally, and that they used to be
similar to Australia and other 'western' countries in terms of very male
dominated. I met some amazing Malaysian women at a forum a year ago and
I'd be happy to email them to ask whether they would mind discussing their
experience and how things have changed there. Perhaps we can learn some
tactics that have been proven in this space? Perhaps this would shed some

This isn't Debian specific but I think it would be quite interesting. I
also believe that this isn't a problem specific to Debian or even ICT
generally. I believe there is a general problem across the board in many
of our countries, I mean just look at politics, corporates, and other high
end roles and see the significant lack of women.

Anyway, if this is interesting to people I'd be more than happy to contact
some Malaysian ladies for the discussion.

Cheers all, and happy new year :)


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