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Re: Sexist Behaviour in Debian Women

fre, 2004-12-17 kl. 00:17 skrev Erinn Clark:
> * Chasecreek Systemhouse <chasecreek.systemhouse@gmail.com> [2004:12:16 06:33 -0500]: 
> > On Thu, 16 Dec 2004 02:16:34 -0500, Erinn Clark <erinnc@bellsouth.net> wrote:


> > Um, how is one to stop logging -- using an IRC bot?
> > (Maybe Im missing something technical here?)
> Logging is ok, we can't do anything about people's personal logs. They are
> not to publish them anywhere though (for example, on a website somewhere). 

Or a public mailinglist, I guess.

Ok .. that kinda comes as a surprise for me ... I actually believed you 
ment that people were not allowed to log - and I *did* have the thought,
"how are you going to enforce that?".  Not making the logs public is
a whole different matter, and a thing I can relate to.  Now, it might
still be hard to enforce, but lets assume for now that most adult
persons will respect this.

Thanks for clearing that up!

Dabian .

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