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Re: Survey - what do you want out of this?


I have only joined this list recently and I'm sorry I missed this
survey; however I feel that only 10 respondents doesnt represent much
- if anything but a small minority.  I would hope that the majority of
responses may have simply been delayed or withheld for other
non-obvious reasons.

Maybe. Or maybe the people who responded are the ones who have particular comments to make? The survey in question was not intended to be either detailed or comprehensive :)

I would like to ask the list members some general open-ended (open
minded) questions - if I may?

Q)  How many of you have actually used an open source Operating System
long-term (I mean longer than 5 years)?

I have.

I think that some of us have, some of us haven't. Some may have never used an open source OS, but are interested in them. Some of us were in primary school 5 years ago and may not have had the choice :)

Q)  Of those of you who have used an OS OpSys more than 5 years -- how
many of you have run against the "Unix was designed so that only those
that are truly interested in success using Unix will find a way to
become successful with Unix" mentality?

I have encountered this. I don't have the impression that this mentality is particularly true now.

Q)  Of those of you who have used Unix/Linux more than 5 years how
many have built (or installed) Unix/Linux on more than 2

Not me.  I'm an i386 person :)

Q) How many list members are (check/indicate as many as you like) -
 1)  Programmers
 2)  Systems Administrators
 3)  actually working within the I/T realm at your respective companies.

Some of the above ;) I can't answer for everyone, but I have the impression that we vary greatly. You have left out the possibility of people who are not working yet, but may be studying IT or a related discipline.

My reasons for asking these questions are, ultimately, selfish ones
that will likely be of no use to anyone else -- I ask them here in
hopes of hitting a majority of Unix/Linux women (as opposed to men, of

What are your reasons?

I apologize if this information was asked and reported elsewhere; you
are welcome to delete/killfile/moderate this thread out of existence
if you choose.

We've discussed such things in general, though not all at once like this. You might find reading the list archives useful in that regard.


Helen :)

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