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Re: Survey - what do you want out of this?

Greetings.  =)

I have only joined this list recently and I'm sorry I missed this
survey; however I feel that only 10 respondents doesnt represent much
- if anything but a small minority.  I would hope that the majority of
responses may have simply been delayed or withheld for other
non-obvious reasons.

I would like to ask the list members some general open-ended (open
minded) questions - if I may?

Q)  How many of you have actually used an open source Operating System
long-term (I mean longer than 5 years)?

Q)  Of those of you who have used an OS OpSys more than 5 years -- how
many of you have run against the "Unix was designed so that only those
that are truly interested in success using Unix will find a way to
become successful with Unix" mentality?

Q)  Of those of you who have used Unix/Linux more than 5 years how
many have built (or installed) Unix/Linux on more than 2

Q) How many list members are (check/indicate as many as you like) -
 1)  Programmers
 2)  Systems Administrators
 3)  actually working within the I/T realm at your respective companies.

My reasons for asking these questions are, ultimately, selfish ones
that will likely be of no use to anyone else -- I ask them here in
hopes of hitting a majority of Unix/Linux women (as opposed to men, of

I apologize if this information was asked and reported elsewhere; you
are welcome to delete/killfile/moderate this thread out of existence
if you choose.

Thanks  =)

WC -Sx- Jones

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