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Re: Survey - what do you want out of this?


 --- Chasecreek Systemhouse
<chasecreek.systemhouse@gmail.com> escribió: 
> Greetings.  =)
> I have only joined this list recently and I'm sorry
> I missed this
> survey; however I feel that only 10 respondents
> doesnt represent much
> - if anything but a small minority.  I would hope
> that the majority of
> responses may have simply been delayed or withheld
> for other
> non-obvious reasons.
> I would like to ask the list members some general
> open-ended (open
> minded) questions - if I may?

Well, your survey seems to ve very oriented towards
people working professionally in these technologies
for a long time. It's also indirectly leaving out the
younger girls in the list.

> Q)  How many of you have actually used an open
> source Operating System
> long-term (I mean longer than 5 years)?

I can understand that question in two ways: 1) You
have used OS systems even just a bit for trying that
long ago 2) You have been permanently using those
systems for 5 years or more.

If you mean the first, you can count me in, but if
you're refering to those who have had only/mainly
linux/bsd on their desktop computers for more than 5
years (an experimental server also counts?), it's hard
to achieve this one.

There's also a group of people that might have used
lots of open source software without using a free OS
(like BeOS or OS X, for example, or another one I
don't wanna mention).

I started testing Slackware 1.0 at University, that
must have been around 1995 or so, but just to try.
I've been using Debian as my only system for a year or
so. I'm something in between because I've been
managing a small home server in Linux for 5 or 6
years. Dunno if I'm in.

> Q)  Of those of you who have used an OS OpSys more
> than 5 years -- how
> many of you have run against the "Unix was designed
> so that only those
> that are truly interested in success using Unix will
> find a way to
> become successful with Unix" mentality?

I'm not sure. You mean that UNIX is hostile on purpose
so that only the 3lit3 can get to it? I have met
people who think like that, and people who think right
the opposite. If it wasn't for that last group I
probably wouldn't have been so interested in Linux.
BTW, I'm not interested in Linux or BSD because it's
UNIX, but because it's free.

> Q)  Of those of you who have used Unix/Linux more
> than 5 years how
> many have built (or installed) Unix/Linux on more
> than 2
> architectures?

I've been using Linux mainly on intel processors, but
experimentally have installed Debian in two Sun Sparc,
does it count?

> Q) How many list members are (check/indicate as many
> as you like) -
>  1)  Programmers
>  2)  Systems Administrators
>  3)  actually working within the I/T realm at your
> respective companies.

You mean professionally or amateur? I'm a coder and
sysadmin as a hobby, but not working as that.

> My reasons for asking these questions are,
> ultimately, selfish ones
> that will likely be of no use to anyone else -- I
> ask them here in
> hopes of hitting a majority of Unix/Linux women (as
> opposed to men, of
> course.)

I'm a woman, BTW. Could you please explain your
reasons please? :)

> I apologize if this information was asked and
> reported elsewhere; you
> are welcome to delete/killfile/moderate this thread
> out of existence
> if you choose.
> Thanks  =)


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