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Re: Survey - what do you want out of this?

Hello :)

> I have only joined this list recently and I'm sorry I missed this
> survey; however I feel that only 10 respondents doesnt represent much
> - if anything but a small minority.  I would hope that the majority of
> responses may have simply been delayed or withheld for other
> non-obvious reasons.

I've also joined the list not long ago and could observe the answers for
the previous survey. It was very educative and made me think more and
more on getting involved in Debian-connected activities. This time, I
take part.

My answers inline. 
> Q)  How many of you have actually used an open source Operating System
> long-term (I mean longer than 5 years)?

Not me. I'm using Debian for about one year.

> Q)  Of those of you who have used an OS OpSys more than 5 years -- how
> many of you have run against the "Unix was designed so that only those
> that are truly interested in success using Unix will find a way to
> become successful with Unix" mentality?


> Q)  Of those of you who have used Unix/Linux more than 5 years how
> many have built (or installed) Unix/Linux on more than 2
> architectures?


> Q) How many list members are (check/indicate as many as you like) -
>  1)  Programmers
>  2)  Systems Administrators
>  3)  actually working within the I/T realm at your respective companies.

1)  and  3). I'm trying to be 2) at home, administering Debian.

> Thanks  =)

No problem. It's a great pleasure to know that my filling this survey
may help you (I hope you would publish the results on this list?)

Kamila Folta

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