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Hi everyone,

I'm considering setting up meetings (monthly, every two weeks, whatever) on
IRC. We're all very chatty in the IRC channel and a lot of good discussion
comes out of it, yet the list remains dead. Ideally, discussions on IRC
would be about a certain topic picked at an earlier time, then discussed,
with minutes posted to the website/list (as well as tasks assigned,
assuming the topic has anything to do with such a thing).

 - Increased discussion.
 - More clearly defined goals.

 - Not everyone goes on IRC.
 - Different timezones.
 - Non-fluent English speakers feel more comfortable replying via email
   (I've been told)

The idea is that this will facilitate more discussion on the list and more
work being done. We can also hold the meetings at varying times to
accomodate people in different timezones (maybe change it each month,
depending on what we decide). 

What we'll need:
 - A working wiki
 - Dates
 - Times
 - People willing to do various tasks (keep track of the meetings, post to
   wiki, etc.)


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