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Re: Does estrogen make us better with computers?

* Helen Faulkner <helen_ml_faulkner@yahoo.co.uk> [2004:10:23 11:03 +0100]: 
> Well, it's pretty hard to know what to make of this kind of thing, but I 
> thought this was interesting:
> http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2004-10/bis-aft102004.php
> It's a report on a study which suggests that men who have higher levels of 
> estrogen are better at science than those who have lower levels.  Which 
> doesn't explain why women, having usually higher levels of estrogen than 
> men, are under-represented in hard science, programming etc.
> Also it doesn't explain why my ring finger is longer than my index finger, 
> which apparently should make me be into the social sciences, not this 
> debian stuff ;)

Interestingly (or not), both of my index fingers are shorter than my ring
fingers. Maybe I should be going by "Aaron" instead of Erinn ;-) 

off the chain like a rebellious guanine nucleotide

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