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D-W website translation handling

Hi all, just subscribed (finally!). I've been lurking into the list archives
and find out that you are talking about trasnlations for website.

Well I'll have to add my two cents here. It has been discussed if use WML or
WiKi, I think both are great tools for collaborative work. But for the
website pages I'd suggest to pick WML, I'll try to resume my experience with
it by translating and setting a website using it.

- People/translators doesn't need to learn the languagte itself, since most
  of it is HTML tags, so they just will focus on translation and grammar.
- It can use apache's content negotiation feature to handle client side, so
  no extra setup for it.
- Collaboration is easier by mixing it with revision control tools like
- Content revision/update gains from that mix
- There's are great teams of l10n people who already work with it and
  hopefully are willing to help.
- People who implements it only needs to know the already and well known Unix
  tools and use the ones already made for debian website. Like statics,
  update control, etc.

- It's well docummented for the functions and languages internals, but not
  for a "quick guide to learn it".
- There's no dynamic content, all pages are plain generated HTML. This could be
  workaround by adjunting cronjob to short generation cycles.
- Translators need to learn basics of CVS/SVN. Unless there's a team who deal
  with that by receiving all translations by email.

Those are the most important and the ones I can recall now, however I'd
suggest to give a try by checking out the cdimage website[0], which is less
than 1MB and is not so complicated and big as the w.d.o, then take a look 
and play with it and see how it works, you'll need wml package in order to 
generate the HTML pages.

0- cvs -z3 -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.debian.org/cvs/webwml login
   cvs -z3 -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.debian.org/cvs/webwml co cdimage

I'd be glad to help on this issue, tough I'm not a WML guru but I can put
my two cents. Maybe I can do some prototyping now that I have some spare time.
I'll let you know.

Other ways to handle this could be PHP using gettext, but this will involve
programming and db, same for CMS, I don't know one which handles pretty well
l10n, most of them only handle one language at time, I've heard that drupal
CVS is improving it though. And I think same goes for WiKis.



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