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Re: Dict and Glossary

Am Dienstag, 17.08.04 um 00:56 Uhr schrieb Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw):

	To make the acronyms more compatible, and following a
"Wiki mode", I believe that all references to DD and to other
'terms' should be in capitals (Debian Developers, Application

	DWARF needs correction, it is 'Debian-Women Acronym
Feference File' and I believe it should be 'Debian-Women
Acronym Reference File'.

Thanks for you comment. It took some time to devide the one and only file in some for different languages. So I did not keep much atttention on my mistypings.

I have added some more words in between. But as some women (and men?) seem to use the files already, here some quesions:

1. Who would like to keep a list of translations to another language? The source for the dict is really easy to edit, and I will submit a list of missing translations (creation already prepared in program, to keep different languages in sync).

2. Would it make sense to keep the acronyms apart from glossary?

3. What would you like to have added?

word (or phrase)::translation

word (or phrase)::meaning

The glossary currently allows only one meaning for one phrase or word. If there are dupes, they are ignored. For the language dictionaries, there should be one translation at a line, if there are more translations, they are added to the first by compile time. duplicate lines are ignored. Every word or phrase or translation is linked to the glossary, if found there in the web page version.

Some ideas:

It would be possible to include something from the developer documentation into the dict. or glossary (or make a set for that). Examples:

One is searching for the meaning of entries in rules file or others.
One is searching for the meaning, syntax or possible entries in the control files

If there are any suggestions or you want to keep another language, please mail me.

Here the address, where the files are located:


The new dict files and web pages are in the dir named "fertig"
Sources are in the directory "unfertig", extension "txt".




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