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Re: Comments on the FAQ

On Mon, 2004-08-09 at 03:05, Erinn Clark wrote:

> > That is something else I think -women members should address: this 
> > debian subproject is producing a set of documents which look like it 
> > cannot be in debian because it is not free software. I didn't even 
> > realise such things were allowed on alioth.
> This is mostly a matter of my own ignorance. I'm not really sure how to
> license it, since I know very little about licensing of websites etc.
> Perhaps you can help? I have no intentions of making it "non-free", I'm
> just not sure what's appropriate. Suggestions welcome.

http://www.opencontent.org/ and http://creativecommons.org/ are good
places to start with making non-programs 'free'.

I don't know how they work with Debian, but I use the Open Publications
Licence (or have in the past, I just noticed that Open Content now
endorses the Creative Commons licences).

I note, also, that it's been several days since I checked this folder
and someone else may have answered this. :)

Jenn V.
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