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Re: unwritten "messages" was: On debian lists, we cc if asked

On 2004-08-16 00:36:27 +0100 Michael Banck <mbanck@debian.org> wrote:

1. If you want to participate more than once in a Debian sub-community,
it is appropriate to subscribe to that list. [...]

I do not wish to be counted among the support for the debian-women list, just as I would not join a debian-calvinists list.

3. You could have easily just mailed the individuals who violated your
wishes privately [...]

No, some already announce that they ignore me off-list, so I must rely on other list members to encourage them.

4. This is sort of a newbie-oriented list. [...]

So, we should all just be silent and let someone have a rude shock when trying a real debian list. Not really helpful.

5. It's always better to ask nicely and not to request.

Hatstand. "I am not subscribed to this list and I ask nicely a cc."

MJR/slef    My Opinion Only and not of any group I know

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