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Re: unwritten "messages" was: On debian lists, we cc if asked

On Sunday 15 August 2004 5:07 pm, MJ Ray wrote:

> I do not wish to be counted among the support for the debian-women 
> list, just as I would not join a debian-calvinists list.

I shouldn't feed the troll, but what the heck. So here's how it goes:

1. You don't support Debian-Women
2. You disagree with our goals, and don't think we should even exist
3. You come only to whine, nitpick, complain, and criticize, and never ever 
ever do even a single constructive act
4. But you still want people to be nice to you, and treat you well, and accept 
you as a member of the community. Which you are very clear you disapprove of, 
and do not support

I never did count you as a supporter, just a prime example of why groups like 
Debian-Women are needed. Though this is approaching comic relief. 

Carla Schroder
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