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Re: unwritten "messages" was: On debian lists, we cc if asked

Hi, MJ, all

On Sun, Aug 15, 2004 at 07:47:27PM +0100, MJ Ray wrote:
> Ye gods, that title is in a fairly common neutral academic style! 
> (Well, I subbed "we" for "one" because it looked odd, but still...)

1. If you want to participate more than once in a Debian sub-community,
it is appropriate to subscribe to that list. -women really isn't that
high traffic.

2. Your subject did look odd to me at least.

3. You could have easily just mailed the individuals who violated your
wishes privately and ask them to get CC'ed the next time. Instead, you
decided to bring this up for the whole list, to discuss.

4. This is sort of a newbie-oriented list. I believe it is important to
tolerate formal errors up to a bit higher threshold than on other lists
(and really, other Debian lists are not a beacon of netiquette either),
in order to get the initial momentum going. Everybody is doing errors
and only few are intentional.

5. It's always better to ask nicely and not to request.



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