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Re: Article about Debian-women in barrapunto.com

Hi erevyone...

Anja wrote:

On Monday 09 August 2004 21:18, Erinn Clark wrote:

The website could probably stand to be translated to Spanish, if you're
interested in doing that kind of thing. (Ditto for other languages if
people are looking for some way to contribute.)

I could translate website to Spanish easily. You can count on me.

I would like translate the website to Portuguese... how I said to
Erinn, Amaya and Pia.... "I really would like to translate the page
of the DW for the Portuguese.... but... i need other person with
a better English who only verify the errors/wrongs..."

The true is... I had many things already translate...

I don't know a lot about how Debian translators work. If there's a way to
setup the website so that it's easier to commit translation changes and
things of that nature, I'd be glad to hear it.

As you say, it would be interesting find a easy way to maintain and translate the website, I don't know if nanoblogger supports this, but i will take a

Me too....

I can only translate the website to Spanish, but i think it would be great
get it translated to some more languages.

I agree... and... I can and I want translate to portuguese...


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