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Re: Article about Debian-women in barrapunto.com

On Monday 09 August 2004 21:18, Erinn Clark wrote:

> The website could probably stand to be translated to Spanish, if you're
> interested in doing that kind of thing. (Ditto for other languages if
> people are looking for some way to contribute.)

I could translate website to Spanish easily. You can count on me.

> I don't know a lot about how Debian translators work. If there's a way to
> setup the website so that it's easier to commit translation changes and
> things of that nature, I'd be glad to hear it.

As you say, it would be interesting find a easy way to maintain and translate 
the website, I don't know if nanoblogger supports  this, but i will take a 
I can only translate the website to Spanish, but i think it would be great
get it translated to some more languages.

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