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Re: Article about Debian-women in barrapunto.com

* Anja <anja_isbilia@yahoo.es> [2004:08:09 17:01 +0200]: 
> Hi all :-)

Hi Anja :)

> I knew about this community from barrapunto article,
> i have to admit mostly comments are not good or nice,
> but some are not so bad.

Yeah, they were pretty typical and basically the same thing we've heard on
the list from various people. Yawn. 

> Well, my english is not very good but i am going to try
> to contribute in this community all i can.

Great! We're glad to have you.

The website could probably stand to be translated to Spanish, if you're
interested in doing that kind of thing. (Ditto for other languages if
people are looking for some way to contribute.)

I don't know a lot about how Debian translators work. If there's a way to
setup the website so that it's easier to commit translation changes and
things of that nature, I'd be glad to hear it. 

off the chain like a rebellious guanine nucleotide

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