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Re: Article about Debian-women in barrapunto.com

 --- Anja <anja_isbilia@yahoo.es> escribió: 
> Hi all :-)

Hi!! :)

> I knew about this community from barrapunto article,
> i have to admit mostly comments are not good or
> nice,
> but some are not so bad.

Well, it's nice to see that some of the boys support
us, even though they're a minory. Most of the messages
r just disgusting.... kinda slashdot's ones.

> First, i thought this community was not the best way
> to get women involved in Debian or Linux. But later
> on,
> i was thinking why i don't contribute more
> (i have been using Linux for 4 years and a Debian
> user
>  since over one), and i finally had to admit it is
> because
> sometimes is hard to me to feel comfortable when you
> are
> the only girl around or people doesnt believe you
> are
> a girl ( when this should not be a important point).
> Well, my english is not very good but i am going to
> try
> to contribute in this community all i can.

Welcome!!! Nice to see you here :)


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