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Re: Debian, lists and discrimination

[Andrew Suffield]
> I'm not convinced that this is a useful data point. Sounds like a
> sample with a built-in bias. Anybody who writes a "style guide"
> obviously has an axe to grind.

Errrrr.  You act as though the style guides she looked at talked about
nothing *except* gender pronouns.  Do you really think editorial
guidelines for publications do not have anything else to talk about?
You should consider the distant possibility that these guidelines would
have existed anyway, with or without the third person singular pronoun
issue.  To conclude they were necessarily composed by someone with an
axe to grind about pronoun use is silly.

> The opposing data point is to observe that out of all the people who
> are qualified to write such documents (hundreds, maybe thousands),
> only six have made such comments.

Are you implicitly accusing telsa of picking and choosing the style
guidelines she wanted to quote?  She said she had gone in to research
the matter out of curiosity.  She said six of these guides, out of the
six she could find, all said pretty much the same thing, with
variations.  I don't see how you can come away with the conclusion that
these guides are not likely to be representative.

It's not like the hundreds or thousands of people capable of writing
style guidelines all happen to work for publishing companies that need
such a thing written up.


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