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Re: Debian, lists and discrimination

On 2004-08-07 06:43:07 +0100 Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> wrote:

[...] However, pseudo-troll
postings like yours cause much more problems.

"pseudo-troll"? I asked a few questions, which you mostly ignored, because I am interested in the answers, not to gather number of replies. There would be little chance of getting near any "high score" compared with -devel. Let me remind you of the questions in my first two posts:

1. Is the debian-women supporters page an accurate representation of debian support? (Amaya says fuller results are coming, so I'll wait.) 2. Should we allow any debian part to discriminate on the basis of male/female? 3. How does one fix a bug with a created list? (answered by pasc, with more details on IRC) 4. Why did no-one challenge a racist, classist, religionist and sexist post to debian-women? (you say "Who cares?") 5. Should discussions for which there are other debian lists be accepted on debian-women just because they involve women? 6. What non-discriminatory action do debian-women wish to take that would not be possible (or even stronger) within a more general list of whatever name?

offensive that someone makes unsupported links between krooger's views and a background similar to mine (white middle-class christened male,
Who cares? [...]

Is debian-women largely the people that complained about other debian groups not challenging offensive behaviour on lists and IRC? (March on debian-vote?) To rephrase from then: it doesn't take many idiots in the community to put your average interested white middle-class male off. It is off-putting to get lumped together with someone you disagree with, just because you share some attributes you can't easily change.

Maybe debian-women isn't who I thought it was. #debian-women is far more nasty than most other debian channels I have used. For example, it was suggested soon after /join that I am incapable because I was a bit rusty and forgot to set an IRCNAME environment variable before starting sirc. As ever, I was left to answer that myself. There was a lot of showboating (like "no biscuit for you, troll" and "time to /ignore slef"), repeating and general flooding so it was hard to discuss much. What should have taken a couple of minutes took literally hours. In hindsight, I should have given up sooner and used /ignore more. telsa and __moray stand out as exceptions: thank-you to them and any other helpful people I've not named.

[...] Please remove listmaster and debian-project from discussion of the below:
Bah. Why do not YOU stop right here and remove him from YOUR Cc: list?

A listmaster asked me to do something, so I cc'd him when I did it. I cc'd the other list to let them know discussion can be found in another archive if they're interested. That seemed polite to me.

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