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Re: Profiles/contributors

Am Samstag, 24.07.04 um 03:13 Uhr schrieb Raquel Rice:

I used to work among men who were all the time bashing gays ...
until someone they respected stood up for gays.  All of a sudden it
wasn't popular to gay-bash anymore.

But would it have helped much, if that one had went to the places, where mostly gays are and tell that he supports them?

The Question is: What do those men telling us women how much they supurt us, if they are in a men-only or man-dominated community? Debian-Woman will mostly be visited by women. I think.

So we should think about what a supporter page with only men on it is for and what the contents could be.

I did not clear up that point in my mind yet. It is like my planned page about becoming deaf step by step over the years: Is it useful for anyone else? Who is to be addressed? What should be in it? - Or is it just a thing like "ah, that is my work, that is me, I am great"?

The other side: Is a page like that something bad? - I do not think, it is. So maybe, it is wasting time to discuss the usefulnis.




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