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Hitler's quoting [ Was: Supporters brief-up ]

Jonathan Walther wrote:
> you used to put Hitler quotes in your .signature.



  A woman must be a cute, cuddly, naive little thing --tender, sweet,
  and stupid.
                  -- Adolf Hitler
Which is the reason he was in my debian mailbox in the first place, as
he emailed me because of the damn quote. It's one of my favourite ones
along with: 
  Girls talk too much. 
                  -- Disney's Peter Pan

I think they both make a point.

Ladies, gents, sorry about feeding the troll, but it's very easy to make
one look like a nazi in the eyes of the rest of the list members, and I
felt I needed to clarify. I'm deliberately using the third person to
refer to him. 

Thanks for the support, all of you. 

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