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Re: Profiles/contributors (was:Re: Website beta trial)

> I AM a "cranky old bat". Dipping back into the recesses of
> my memory, to the 60's which I remember all too well, the
> struggle for the rights of Blacks in the U.S. didn't
> really gain momentum until "white" people joined in. I
> think that it takes some men saying, "Let these women into
> our clubhouse", before other men begin to listen.

Two points of clarification:

1. Many whites were recruited into the CRM for the express
purpose of raising it's profile. The agency was actually on
the part of Black people who used whites for PR and
marketing purposes as opposed to it simply being about white

2. The increase in white involvement also increased certain
tensions and had negative consequences, ultimately leading
to the transformation of the CRM into the Black Power
Movement. Black Power was partially a reaction to the undue
amount of white influence in CRM groups.


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