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Re: Debian-women support?

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Amaya wrote:
| As I said before, I am supposed to be on VAC.
| I'm moving in to a new house. Instead I stay in front of the computer
| and give you all a hard time. I'm sorry about all the harrasing.
| I'm sorry about the web site incident.

Don't beat yourself up about it, Amaya -- the website thing was a simple
misunderstanding (which AFAICT seems to be resolved), and this JW guy
was a simple mistake. As I often tell my surrogate mom, "Don't worry
about it." Take your vacation, and relax. =o)

| I'll be offline for a couple of weeks and do my stuff. I don't think I'm
| helping you girls in any way. I'm only creating conflict and that is
| something I wouldn't want to. I hate it. It seems I want to help but
| don't know how to do it. Damn, our "friend" here would say I need to do
| some cleaning and find some self-steem at it.

Our "friend" here needs to take his head out of the sand and learn what
it means to be a netizen -- nothing more and nothing less -- and
considering that JW and Erin have clashed in the past on other lists, it
was only inevitable that he would show up here.

Actually, if you look at it from that standpoint, having him show up now
at such an early time is actually better for us -- we can deal with him
now and move on to more important things later. =o)

Besides, the only "conflict" you created so far on the list was a
misunderstanding about the website -- no major conflict was created,
just a little bit of confusion. =op

| Thanks for making this real, and sorry for all the mess.

Messes come and go -- this one isn't any worse than any other, and you
didn't instigate it on purpose. Don't worry about it. =o)

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