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Re: Debian-women support?

As I said before, I am supposed to be on VAC.
I'm moving in to a new house. Instead I stay in front of the computer
and give you all a hard time. I'm sorry about all the harrasing.
I'm sorry about the web site incident. 

I'll be offline for a couple of weeks and do my stuff. I don't think I'm
helping you girls in any way. I'm only creating conflict and that is
something I wouldn't want to. I hate it. It seems I want to help but
don't know how to do it. Damn, our "friend" here would say I need to do
some cleaning and find some self-steem at it. 

Please feel free to request foolproof, small task from me if you want,
something I can't fuck up. Until then, best luck. I will be just lurking
around and will keep you updated if something interesting comes my way,
like de DD training for women, and stuff like that.

Thanks for making this real, and sorry for all the mess.

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