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Unlurking, I subscribed a couple of weeks ago.  I recognize some of the 
LinuxChix here {wave} -- I've lurked over there since forever.

I'm a SysAdmin.  Had an Intro to Unix course in 1996 that was taught 
with GNU/Linux.  That was cool, but then I got borged for some years 
and built a career around rebooting Windows.  feh.

In 2000 I sat for my MCSE.  After that, I had some sort of breakdown and 
acquired an extreme dislike for everything MS.  It was strange.  I had 
to do something else -- GNU/Linux to my rescue!  I have used a number 
of other distros, but since Libranet I have been apt-spoiled.

I'm really interested in the structure that the UserLinux crowd is 
developing, but I'm a KDE user more than GNOME.  I built a couple of 
metapackages for KDE, -office and -soho that reside on kandew.com.  
Using one of the daily snapshots of the Sarge installer, and an 
apt-proxy cache (slow link here) I get a nice customized Debian 
installation.  I'm learning as I go.  It's fun!

Looking forward to contributing something here. 


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