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Re: Debian-women support?

Erinn Clark wrote:
> * Carla Schroder <carla@bratgrrl.com> [2004:07:23 18:36 -0700]: 
> > I vote for banning both Amaya and Jonathan. Erinn didn't go to all
> > the trouble of founding Debian-Women just to provide yet another
> > forum where assholes get free rein.

Carla, I acknowledge that Erinn has made a great effort in getting
Debian-Women into a tangible project, but so have I. 
Given that Erinn will not give me credit on her answer to you, I will.

 - I started the huge thread on debian-vote and rised the issue of being
   a "universal operating system" that was missing the input of half the
   population, developed and used mostly by white, "rich", men. I know
   there are other missreprented "minorities" (heh) in Debian, but I can
   only work on what I am able to: women.

 - I helped her get to Brazil, and even offered to pay for the trip if
   she didn't get sponsorship (which finally she did and I didn't, and
   for which I am inmensely happy).

 - I am the only european female Debian Developer, I was a board member
   of Hispalinux for two years, being the biggest LUG in Spain (7.000
   people) and one of my personal achievements was that the spanish
   government is using Debian custom distributions at schools in two
   regions (of course that's something I didn't get credit for, as you
   know what happens with us women, no big political lobbying, just
   "home" evangelizing, first the members of the board at Hispalinux,
   starting with the president, then they talked the government into it.
   One of them even said: "Debian will never have true QA until there
   are more women involved" -- Roberto Santos. 
   Now we are going to have here a big Debian female userbase, and that
   was my main motivation for starting this all.
   There is a government initiative regarding training targeted to women
   on how to become Debian Developers. I will be very shortly requesting
   your help, as I have been asked to desing the outline of the courses.
   More about this if anyone is interested.

If I am not welcome, girls tell me now, I have lots of things to do. 
I'm also in a low personal moment, and I'm lacking a lot of energy. 
This project, same as Debian has always, fills me up with coping skills
on the bad moments. 

> I have no idea why this happened, but it really doesn't matter. 

Erinn, I started intevieweing the DD I know. I just was too tired and it
was kind of late, so this slipped through. I'm inmensely sorry, this is
exactly something I didn't want to happen. First the website, then this. 
Talk about good will.

The idea was to come back with good material and content so that the
supporters page would make more sense to everyone. I guess I failed.

> He's obviously not going on the page (though I think it's such a
> controversial topic at the moment that it won't exist until I see some
> kind of consensus about the content or whether it should exist at
> all.)

Even if we don't have a supporters page at all, this should be in the
hall of shame page. 

> Please do not feed the trolls.


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