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Re: Digging Up An Intro

Hi everyone,

On Wed, Jul 14, 2004 at 09:09:55PM +0200, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> And -h shows me that -x should make it threat the pattern as regular
> expresion but it does not work...
> apt-file -x search bin/dig$
> ...does not return anything. IMO time to report a bug.

The problem seems to be that the regex "bin/dig$" is internally
expanded to finally read (use -v to have it displayed):


As you can see, that end-anchor $ in the middle of the regex obviously
doesn't make much sense... :)

With the current implementation (where the user-specified regex becomes
part of a larger expression), using \b instead of $ would probably work
better, i.e.

$ apt-file -x search bin/dig\\b

should achieve the desired effect.

Otherwise, the matching algorithm would have to be rewritten to split
up the line first, before applying the user-specified regex -- or
something like that...

OK, after having finally unlurked now, I guess it'd be good style to
briefly introduce myself:  I'm a german geekchick, who's heard of
this list when it was announced at LinuxChix. I currently work as a
programmer, and for as long as I can recall, I've been interested in
technical things -- first it was electronics, now it's software /
computers. At some point in between I was fed up with all that
technical stuff and studied psychology. But - as you can guess from
seing me here - this phase only lasted a few years... then I decided
that debugging programs is far easier that debugging people's minds :)

I'm not a debian developer/maintainer, just an ordinary debian user.
I'm using linux since about 1996.  I tried slackware, suse, redhat,
and a few others, and switched to debian at the time potato was
released. I like the distro not only because of its technical merits,
but also because of its community, and for the philosophy behind it.

Up to now, I've only been lurking on this list, as I was (and still
am) a little unsure as to which role I could and want to play here.
Currently, I see myself as the curious observer -- yes, not very
constructive, I know :)  OTOH, I don't like making huge promises which
I later can't live up to... So, I'll just wait and see if/how I might
contribute (unfortunately I don't have a lot of time...).
Well, that's it, for now.




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