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Digging Up An Intro


I've been using Linux since about March of 1999.  I started using
RedHat 6.1 as a workstation and then after getting a high-speed
line, started serving some web pages, then mail, lists, etc.  In
March of this year I was setting up new server and decided to give
Debian a try.  I love apt-get/aptitude and being able to do a "live
update" on a running server.

I joined debian-user before I had installed on the first machine,
and was even active for awhile.  I got really tired of the boys
trying to see who was the "smartest", trying to see who could offer
the worst put-down, and all the "RTFM" responses.  I'm someone who
hates to ask for help, so when I do, it's because I've dug
everywhere I know to dig.  I was so thankful when I learned of this
list, knowing that it would be more civil and hoping that perhaps it
would fit my temperament better.

I recently got an HP NetServer LC 3 for $20, plus 3 4.2GB SCSI
drives for $8.75, added a used monitor, keyboard and mouse, and
installed Debian (stable) again.  (I don't have X installed, the
mouse is so the machine won't give me an error.)  Everything has
been running well, except I'm having a problem with Mailman ...
which seems to lead to a misconfiguration of Apache.

But that's not really what I'm asking about.  I've tried to find the
package that contains "dig".  I've installed NetTools, but still
can't find "dig".  Can someone help me?

When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.
  --Eleanor Roosevelt

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