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Re: Digging Up An Intro

Raquel Rice writes:
> But that's not really what I'm asking about.  I've tried to find the
> package that contains "dig".  I've installed NetTools, but still
> can't find "dig".  Can someone help me?

A terrific package for answering questions like that is apt-file.
Install it with apt-get, do an apt-file update, and then you can
do something like this:

apt-file search dig

which gives a long list of packages containing files with the string
"dig".  That's too long and you only want files actually named dig,
not digital or digest or whatever, so you can narrow it down with
something like these:

apt-file search dig | grep -w dig
apt-file search dig | grep /bin/

which, among other lines, turns up:
dnsutils: usr/bin/dig

I have a sort of "Debian cheat sheet" page of helpful Debian hints
(helpful to me, anyway; it's really my own notes for when I forget
how to do something) but I didn't have apt-file there, so I've added it.

I'm Akkana, BTW (obIntro).  Developer on mozilla and occasional
contributor to a few other projects, Debian user for a few years
(mostly Redhat before that).  Also active in Linuxchix.  Hi, all!


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