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Re: Digging Up An Intro

#include <hallo.h>
* Akkana Peck [Tue, Jul 13 2004, 10:57:59AM]:
> not digital or digest or whatever, so you can narrow it down with
> something like these:
> apt-file search dig | grep -w dig
> apt-file search dig | grep /bin/

What about:

apt-file search bin/dig ?

And -h shows me that -x should make it threat the pattern as regular
expresion but it does not work...

apt-file -x search bin/dig$

...does not return anything. IMO time to report a bug.

> (helpful to me, anyway; it's really my own notes for when I forget
> how to do something) but I didn't have apt-file there, so I've added it.
> http://shallowsky.com/linux/debnotes.html

Nice page. There is also the Debian Reference Card,

Eine Sau mit kalten Füßen, kann als Eisbein man genießen.

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