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Hello all :)


I joined the list last week and now would like to introduce myself: I am
a 24yrs old systems administrator for Linux, currently Debian, but I
used to do SuSE and RedHat as well. Against all common rumours, I do not
sit in front of a computer all day - just on the opposite, I have a
quite time-consuming hobby (http://hackerbernhard.tsc-choice.at)
In my little spare time I enjoy reading (computer books as well as
"normal" literature) or just lying on the bed, relaxing and listening to
good music.

I have already signed up for an alioth-account and would like to somehow
contribute to the debian-women project - yet I don't know how ... My
mother tongue is German (I live in Austria), but iirc there already were
some proposals for German translations; my knowledge of other languages
(French, Italian, Russian) is just basic. I like to do web-stuff, but
for I am not (yet) the programming-kind of girl, I am just able to do
plain old HTML or customizing some CMS ... Maybe you have an idea,


Nora Bernhard
Systems Administrator - Linux

I have had my television aerials removed.  It's the moral equivalent
of a prostate operation.
		-- Malcolm Muggeridge

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