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Re: Ping/Hi/whatever...

At 02:15 on Jul 14, Miriam Ruiz shook the earth with:

> Hi again,
> I'm really sorry for the situation, I didn't wanna make you feel
> uncomfortable in any way, I swear. It wasn't your fault, I guess It's just
> the whole situation. I don't wanna keep talking about all this stuff if you
> don't mind. It's just maybe that situations like this happen to me often,
> sometimes more than once a day, both in real life and Internet, and
> maybe I'm a bit oversensitive to them.

It's understandable, don't worry, it's a sensitive topic by nature. We
have to deal with a language barrier here on d-w, too, so sometimes
reading posts that are out of your native language might be just one word
in the wrong direction and that's just something that we're going to have
to expect.

For everyone, I'd suggest asking for clarification if you're not sure, and
even if you have to ask a couple of times, it's probably better than a
misunderstanding on a very personal topic. I don't expect we'll have a LOT
of personal topics here, but they are bound to creep up -- it comes with
the territory.

>  Please, do not leave :( I'm feeling terribly sorry about all of this,
> it wasn't your fault at all. I better go to sleep now, I guess.

All a part of the learning process and tomorrow we start a new day :o)
Just that for some of us tomorrow is farther away than others... and for
others of us it probably already is tomorrow ;o)


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