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Re: Ping/Hi/whatever...

At 01:02 on Jul 14, Miriam Ruiz shook the earth with:

> > >/me just hopes that, at least here, there are more then 50% women.....
> >
> > :-)
> > Because I know now, there are some transsexual here :-)
> > the have experience to make women... be careful :-)
> Is there a problem with that? Are transexuals not welcome here?

I think what Michelle meant was: sometimes transsexual/transgendered
people make women uncomfortable, and that may contribute to an off-balance
in fewer women on the list than there would be otherwise.

I'm not sure that it has really occurred to anyone here, or if anyone
really cares whether someone is "biologically" female or not, but that is
how I read what she was trying to get across.


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