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Re: Ping/Hi/whatever...

Hello Nicole, 

Am 2004-07-13 15:58:55, schrieb nicole:

>I think what Michelle meant was: sometimes transsexual/transgendered
>people make women uncomfortable, and that may contribute to an off-balance

Thats right... 

>in fewer women on the list than there would be otherwise.

For some years I was thinking, I am transgender too...
but after a genetic check I know, I am hermaphrodite... :-)

>I'm not sure that it has really occurred to anyone here, or if anyone
>really cares whether someone is "biologically" female or not, but that is
>how I read what she was trying to get across.

I know a DD (man) which was a women and a women which is now a 
man. I do not know, wheter the later is already DD od DM because 
he/she had changed the name which I do not know unfortunatly.



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