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Re: Women are more engaged

Quoting Andreas Tille (tillea@rki.de):

> at LinuxTag.  He told me that there was a woman in Brasil which is
> in the NM queue and spend their honeymoon with her husband at debconf.

I guess this is Margarita, but not completely sure. She was definitely
spending her honeymoon at Debconf, but I'm unsure she's in the NM

And, even though marga was spending her honeymoon.....well, just look
at http://www.perrier.eu.org/gallery/d-i_debconf4/aao

on the other
hand.....http://www.perrier.eu.org/gallery/Tourist-Day/abc is another
view of hackers...:-)

> To my own shame I have to admit that I did not come to DebConf 4 because
> I just went on a "normal" vacation with my family - well OK we regularly
> celebrate our marriage and so we had our 14. anniversary of honeymoon -
> but, I have to admit to my shame that I fell way behind in engagement
> according to this reference. ;-)

I celebrate my, ahem, 19th honeymoon birthday....while flying to
Brazil....ahem, alone....:-)

Let's say, Andreas, we arrange something for old married men at Debconf5...:-)

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