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Re: Re: Website, logo, etc. (and hello!)

Quoting Erinn Clark (erinn@double-helix.org):

> Yeah, I agree with this as well. One thing I was considering doing (at
> some point - maybe even soon), is having a bug-sqashing party on the IRC
> channel. We could introduce newer women to the process of closing bugs,
> dealing with Debian packaging, and also assist with the Sarge release.
> There are a lot of RC bugs, and while I'm not skilled enough to deal
> with a lot of them, there is still plenty of stuff to do in Debian.

The Debian Installer team is widely opened. Good place to be involved
even if not an official DD. Ask Margarita Manterola who was our best
tester at Debconf4 and continues to be a very careful bug reporter. Or
Valentina Comissarri who made strong review of the Italian
translations and promised me she would join the debian-l10n-italian
team (I have to check this... ;-))

And there is a *lot* of work to do for Debian Installer (we just
enter a feature freeze and bug squashing and high testing time
period)....and this specific part of Debian is very likely to become
one of the major blocking points for sarge release. And, well, this
will be the part everyone will see.

So, all people around, either highly technically skilled *or not*, you
certainly can help in d-i development (I am a very good example of
technically challenged people doing some possibly useful work). Please
jump in. My knowledge of my fellow co-workers sailing in this dancing
boat now make be sure that no bad sexist attitude of any kind would
happen. And if it would, my shotgun is ready..:-)

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