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Re: Re: Website, logo, etc. (and hello!)

Hi Everyone :)

My name is Helen Faulkner. I'm Australian, but currently living in Sheffield, UK, where I'm doing physics research. I've been using debian for a few years now and am edging towards becoming a new maintainer (edging pretty slowly at present, because the friend who is going to sponsor me is very busy at the moment). I am interested in the situation for women in debian/OSS in general.

I think this list is an excellent idea :) Thankyou to the people who set it up. re the logo discussion, I like logo #1, but all of them are good.

Sweet. We should also consider allowing women to use the debian-women
name to contribute packages to something, if they are nervous or
whatever about contributing to a project personally, or submitting stuff
for comment if they want some feedback and are new to the scene and not
used to it. Perhaps? :)

I think this is a good idea. I think one of the barriers to particpation for women in debian is a lack of confidence (definitely so for me).


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