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Re: Re: Website, logo, etc. (and hello!)

* Helen Faulkner <helen_ml_faulkner@yahoo.co.uk> [2004:07:06 22:49 +0100]: 
> Hi Everyone :)


> My name is Helen Faulkner.  I'm Australian, but currently living in 
> Sheffield, UK, where I'm doing physics research.  I've been using debian 
> for a few years now and am edging towards becoming a new maintainer 
> (edging pretty slowly at present, because the friend who is going to 
> sponsor me is very busy at the moment).  I am interested in the 
> situation for women in debian/OSS in general.

Well, if you'll recall the big -project/-vote thread about sexism, that
was a major impetus to give the talk at DebConf4, and thus, start this
entire project. I thank you for speaking up, despite some of the
responses you got. 

Also, good going with the NM stuff! I've not signed up yet either, and
there are currently two women in the queue that I know of. It would be
pretty awesome if several of us entered at about the same time,
especially if our little project was a contributing factor. (I'm not
suggesting joining before anyone is ready, as some kind of publicity
stunt, of course. :))

> >Sweet. We should also consider allowing women to use the debian-women
> >name to contribute packages to something, if they are nervous or
> >whatever about contributing to a project personally, or submitting stuff
> >for comment if they want some feedback and are new to the scene and not
> >used to it. Perhaps? :)
> I think this is a good idea.  I think one of the barriers to 
> particpation for women in debian is a lack of confidence (definitely so 
> for me).

Yeah, I agree with this as well. One thing I was considering doing (at
some point - maybe even soon), is having a bug-sqashing party on the IRC
channel. We could introduce newer women to the process of closing bugs,
dealing with Debian packaging, and also assist with the Sarge release.
There are a lot of RC bugs, and while I'm not skilled enough to deal
with a lot of them, there is still plenty of stuff to do in Debian.
Sometimes it's just difficult to get started because there are so many
places to look. 

off the chain like a rebellious guanine nucleotide

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