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Re: Website, logo, etc.

At 16:33 on Jun 25, Erinn Clark shook the earth with:

> Server:
>    While I don't have any lofty requirements for the server, I probably
>    will not be the only active one updating the website. I'm open to
>    suggestions here. Do we need a CMS? If so, what kinds of requirements
>    are we looking for? PHP, Perl, ssh access, Postgres/mysql, etc. What
>    CMS would we use if we used one? There are several out there but I
>    have to admit, I'm not terribly fond of some of the interfaces. Call
>    me old fashioned, but I think I like plain looking websites.

I'm not sure about the site, but it really depends on what we want to do
with it. Do we want a blog on the front page where we link up
debian/women/relevant stories? Do we just want static links to all the
good places? A CMS is useful for more frequent updates, but I'd like to
see it simple (some of their interfaces are less than great).

> Content:
>    What do we want to put on the website? Some ideas are:
>     - Profiles of women involved in Debian. Which questions?
>       - How did you get involved in Debian?
>       - What area do you contribute to?
>       - What goals do you have?
>       - ...
>         Should we separate the developers from contributors? Keep an
> 	update of the contributors' NM status? ;)

Torn on this one. It could either be a separate listing, or just a bullet
item in each person's profile. I suppose if you had this hooked into a
database, then you could search for "developers" or or "contributors" or
"new maintaners" or whatever tags you choose to apply -- so it would just
be a "bullet item" but would also be searchable.

>     - Links to Debian information (/devel, wnpp stuff, translation docs,
>       general things to get people started)
>     - Some sort of collaboration information for when we get started on
>       projects
>     - Links (which websites? I can think of a few offhand, i.e.
>       genderchangers.org, linuxchix.org, systers.org etc.)

I think we should have a "getting started" link, where you can get info on
how to get started in debian, get started as a maintainer, get started as
a woman in the linux community, get started as a woman in the greater
PC/CS/scientific community, get started as a conference speaker, get
started as anything we're interested in :o) You could also include the
projects that we are working on there too.

I suppose that rolls in a ton of the stuff you talked about in your
"Links" page.

>     - Would it be tacky to have a clock counting down until we reach our
>       goal of Total World Domination? ;) j/k

That would be awesome, but I'd hate to put a time on it... I'd like to
think we already dominate the world, they just don't know it yet ;o)

> Appearance:
>    I suspect the color scheme will be quite simple and follow the
>    general Debian website appearance. You can only get so crazy when
>    using the Debian logo as a basis for said color scheme. In that vein,
>    here is a logo suggestion:
>     - http://www.danamania.com/temp/debwomen.jpg
>       Opinions? Criticism? Suggestions? Praise? :) I love it but I'm
>       open to having several logos.

I like the logo, and I really like the normal debian color scheme. I'm not
sure about the baby blue, but it works.

> Leadership:
>    Should we have people that are more or less taking care of this
>    project? If so, how do we define their roles? I suppose it could just
>    be like the rest of Debian wherein people define their own roles, but
>    I don't want to assume everyone will have access to the website so
>    there might be a necessary division of labor in order. Some people
>    might want to write things, others might want to design the site,
>    others might want to do translations for the website (true to Debian
>    nature!), etc. There are many possible responsibilities.

If we have guidelines or policy on how people who are not site maintainers
request updates, that works. I suppose if you had a blog-style front page,
you could have people writing their own articles or whatever and that
might be enough, then the actual pages could be updated as someone with
privileges has time. I suppose that's a stronger case for a CMS.


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