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Re: Website, logo, etc.

Hi there!

There's something I want to see on the site:
I want the guys to be able to publicly support the effort, that's a
visibility issue too (the message being that there also males interested
in this effort), and it might be a good example for the guys too (the
message being it is ok to support women).

Michelle Ribeiro wrote:
> For use drupal, we'll need a server with apache(!), php4, mysql and
> ftp or ssh acess to upload images. Ssh access is only needed to backup
> the website. 

I can provide hosting with all of that. In my own machine at a colo.
I can also try to set up the dns name of women.debian.net for the site.

> I need to advise you that CMS isn't the best thing to work if we need
> translations.

I see... 

> We can also setup the same structure that Debian Project did, using
> wml (the plain looking interface that you want, Erinn). The site will
> have the same "Debian face" and it is really easy to do content
> translations. 

I like the idea :-)

> CIPSGA, the non-profit organization from Brazil that I'm part of can
> provide all that we need to use a CMS or cvs web site, but ssh access
> is limited to the administrators. Since I'm part of the team, I can do
> all the administrative tasks. 

That sounds perfect, as I can take that responsability away from myself

> We can also use Alioth(!!!) to host this project if we have a really
> really simple web site. ;)

That would be very nice, but as long as I know, the site does not need
to be hosted there... I mean, we could start the project at Alioth, use
the tools there, and have the site hosted somwhere else (my colo or

> >     - Would it be tacky to have a clock counting down until we reach
> >     > our goal of Total World Domination? ;) j/k
> lol. :)

Yes, Real Loud :-)
I love the idea, how many days would that take?

> I'd like to see Debian Women as part of Debian Project and thinking
> like this, the DPL is our unique leader and the subprojects define
> their own toles. 

We need a female DPL soon :-)

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