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Bug#695130: First commits in git repository on Alioth [ Was: Re: openmotif is now LGPL, retirement of lesstif in jessie?]

On 6 January 2013 16:44, Paul Gevers <elbrus@debian.org> wrote:
[ Graham, should I drop direct e-mail to you, i.e. do you receive the
mail via the PTS anyway? ]

I'm receiving bug mail via the PTS for openmotif, but I don't think for this (695130) bug.

- Did you make any changes to be able to upgrade the standard version
  (I always note the changes in the changelog, even if there are none)

No changes.
- Do I understand correctly that you replaced autotools by a dependency
  on dh_autoconf? (Please note these things in the changelog).

I replaced the dependency on autotools-dev with one on dh-autoreconf.
- Could we propose a configuration flag for the demo stuff, so that
  upstream can keep track of the demo programs and we don't have to
  patch the source?

That makes sense.  I'll see if I can come up with a suitable patch to configure.ac.
- My fix [3] for "format not a string literal and no format arguments"
  is slightly different for sprintf cases. Shouldn't it be better to
  replace the sprintf by a simple strcpy?

I don't mind.  I suppose the only reason to stay with sprintf would be one of style.
If upstream decided to make MSG__0113 (referred to in the first change in line 267 of lib/Mrm/Mrmhier.c) more informative by changing "Could not open buffer - UID version mismatch" to "Could not open buffer - UID version mismatch (%d)" then they would have to use sprintf instead of strcpy.

- d/motif-client.links is not useful now, I suggest you remove it.

Ah, thanks!

Do you need me to upload the above changes to my PPA?
I would like you to do the git push of the 2.3.4 stuff. Do you want to
wait until you have access to collab-maint, or do you want me to commit
your changes, and contribute my changes as well?

Please go ahead and commit my changes as well as any others as you see fit.

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