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Bug#695130: openmotif is now LGPL, retirement of lesstif in jessie?

Hi All

Paul: I saw your mail regarding my request to join collab-maint, thanks.

Besides my packaging of motif 2.3.4 I made available here:

I have also created another PPA for testing packages built against it here:

The good news is that most of the packages built and ran simply by changing the build-depends on lesstif2-dev to libmotif-dev.
The were a few that required an additional build-depends on libxt-dev, and then the odd ones that required build-depends on libxext-dev, libxp-dev or libxft-dev.
I believe this is due to lesstif2-dev depending on just about every libx*-dev package unnecessarily.

Other packages like pcb, paw and its dependent, cernlib, may need some packages renamed; pcb-lesstif, libpawlib-lesstif3-dev, libpawlib-lesstif3-gfortran and libpacklib-lesstif1-dev.

Should I proceed with filing wishlist bugs against the packages requiring additional build-depends?


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