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Bug#635504: ITP: flashcache -- write back block device cache for Linux

Dear Arno,

Congratulations upon mentors.debian.net hardware upgrade - well done.

Thank you for your patience - you needed so much of it with me.

I have all my questions answered in mentor's mail list
 but there are many other questions regarding how co-maintainership
will work for us, unless your are still mad at me.

I noticed you integrated man pages into your package - thanks for this.

As you may already know upstream made number of changes, notably:
  *  updated documentation
  *  initramfs hook for early flashcache_load invocation
  *  updated Makefiles (upstream kindly accepted my minor patch
(similar to yours) for $(DESTDIR) compatibility)

I updated the man pages by incorporating recent upstream documentation update.
In addition my package got some review and feedback from mentors recently.
I addressed all the issues but the repository one (mine is not
publicly available), and since yours already there, there is no point
to create another one.

I uploaded my updated source package to mentors.debian.net:

Please feel free to pull all latest changes from it.

I'm quite inexperienced with git so I couldn't figure out how to
access your repository.
Is my Alioth account onlyjob-guest allowed to push?

Anyway you're the boss so I'm not going to do anything without you
permission (and instructions).

It appears to me that you might want to make a separate branch from my
package but ultimately it is up to you.
I'm not sure if you want to keep your workaround for mounting
flashcache volumes on boot after introducing initramfs hook by
(Frankly I didn't have a chance to test this functionality yet.)

What do you think about version number differences between our packages?
(I really like my get-latest-source target)

Please advice on the best way to cooperate and sorry for troubles.

Maybe we have at least one thing in common after all: I noticed you've
chosen Perl to write flashcache_mount - I think it is nice because I
love Perl.


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