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Bug#635504: ITP: flashcache -- write back block device cache for Linux

Hi Arno,

I am also looking at your package and I see things I could learn from
you especially in regards to git.
When you mention technical problems, I wish you could be more specific.

I'm only making my first steps in development for Debian so I
shouldn't be arrogant.

However, the package I made satisfies strictest lintian checks and
perhaps complies with most other recommendations.
It builds in pbuilder, etc. Elegance of get-orig-source may be
arguably improved, but my package works.
I don't quite see the point in merging something working into
something what doesn't work, and not the other way.
(With all due respect there are more than some minor things you didn't
address i.e. your package is not usable yet even though you did a lot
of work.)

There are might be some people waiting for flachcache' availability in
Debian, like myself, until two weeks ago, when I gave up waiting and
started working on this package.
For practical reasons giving up working package may be not the best
option for people who might need it.

Frankly I'm not sure what would be the best to do.
Whatever we decide let's see what we can improve and how.

Someone experienced need to review my package (and I already see a
minor problem with obsolete watch file), but all required
functionality is there and I believe it is ready for use. (As a matter
of fact I'm using it at this very moment).


On 18 September 2011 22:48, Arno Töll <debian@toell.net> wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> On 18.09.2011 14:03, onlyjob wrote:
>> No, I wasn't aware of yours...
>> I reckon we've been working independently....
>> I just completed my own... There are definitely some similarities but
>> also differences in the way we did it.
> I briefly looked at yours. It has some technical problems, but I can see
> some minor things I didn't address yet. In particular you made some
> preliminary man pages.
> If you want, I offer you to merge your additions to my package and
> successively maintain the package together with me.
> - --
> with kind regards,
> Arno Töll
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> 0fzWb6JiPGLyJhyLA32yzM2QRQVo9tLyA+qSPEZeXNKL3CLDhh6UJ+pDyM38azR0
> /00U3t79T7qKCM/zMfqi0BhS5jerYe2zbhlDM2Dw1OV5t44Xo0wO5env4q91MfME
> jMAVRKIuRvp0tleAbgvKv+36KWySB4wKnya/TadX8tS2Xdi95g8McYJAY3km4hwt
> KQDrJtFTGjW0ZrfF5Rmny2vQTxDnY0dQcWYAPIlX/4ubEYD5GJEy3nnwzp4knloO
> nSh34abdGJ6G11oej9qYOZxrCX+MyctJK3ekzqgODCmOYi9w2xhaiacQC79P23Nt
> tNfccxpnLADHRWkOmEHJfX3NWtG4uw6YkqHU+3dpnA25yW7vqqdOxQDp3zZA186T
> 95YR5yurx+IIGzfJI9e8RemEwRlODQir4Q9EEJFdaIebhkry8dIaEiaV0qQxzwXS
> 3Xweoe9EDw+7+7HVY6FAG/+1d6hgl/5zaIbJAAY0fUP/f5UTUMbucdotlNM8chZE
> N2mCqaGiQjvryuAwd6EieYgs7Mn+qwWS4CFxGjPUcaRKpLVV5Cfrn+TXjDufFJ5Q
> UeC2On2RtTyST7FxHku9
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