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Bug#439993: libapache2-mod-pubcookie: changing back RFP to ITP

retitle 439993 ITP: libapache2-mod-pubcookie -- apache2 module supporting Pubcookie authentication 
owner 439993 banerian@u.washington.edu

The package was finished, and an upload attempted, but there were some
licensing issues that were pending resolution, namely:

. a license review of the source code, filling out debian/copyright to
account for everything

. remove the embedded copy of openssl

. if openssl is needed, is an openssl license exception required (as it
is incompatable with apache 2.0 license)?

. cgic carries a different license

. there seems to be another copy of both cgic and pubcookie in
src/contrib/index.cgi_ldap/pubcookie-uh-ldap.zip, that version of
pubcookie seems to carry a different license.  I'm not sure I understand
the requirements of this license.  Is it telling me that my webserver
has to have a "credits" page?


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