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Bug#322091: Bluefish

On Qui, 2005-08-25 at 02:33 +0200, Daniel Leidert wrote:
> But that was not the problem you mentioned at the beginning of this
> discussion. "My" upstream archive contained the directory
> 'bluefish-1.0.3.orig' (which is normal, see e.g. cvs-buildpackage or
> dh_make), the upstream tarball the directory 'bluefish-1.0.3'. This made
> the difference in size, not the fact, that I run aclocal or autoconf. I
> run them during the rules/clean target. Of course, I can avoid this. But
> normally I like to have updated scripts. To not increase diff's size, I
> can run it, before I run dh_make. That is common practice. But then you
> will not be able to build the package against the upstream tarball.
> In general, I have no problem with that. This practice follows
> suggestions in /usr/share/doc/autotools-dev/README.Debian. I can change
> to run it only once. But then I have to do it, before I start the
> packaging process (means: before I run dh_make). But in this case, your
> practice, to build the package against the upstream tarball and not
> the .orig.tar.gz will fail.

You've been avoiding the main point.
It doesn't matter what lesser reasons you have, if you don't strictly
NEED to repackage it, DON'T do it.

See Policy 4.3 or the recent email to d-d-a[1]:
* Do not repackage your orig.tar.gz unless you have to. If you need to
  remove files due to license issues - OK. But for example to have the
  directory in the tarball named pkgname-ver you DO NOT
  repackage. dpkg-source completly doesn't care for that.

And the fact is, as I quickly proved by packaging it myself: you don't
NEED to repackage, you don't NEED to re-automake/libtoolize/etc it. It
works perfectly without ANY of these.

Keeping the diff size down is not a strong enough argument to warrant
any change to source and running automake/libtoolize/etc in the clean
target is one of the perfect situations to screw the autobuilders, so
it's also something to whatch out for.

And as a side note, dh_make is not supposed to be used everytime with
new upstream, it's supposed to be used once at the first package
creation and then use other tools to update the upstream source, like
uupdate or even manually (my case).


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2005/08/msg00011.html


 Leo Antunes
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