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Bug#322091: Bluefish

On Qua, 2005-08-10 at 16:25 +0200, Daniel Baumann wrote:
Just one hour ago, I did the 1.0.2 package, I'll upload it to my
webserver when I come home this evening :) However, I would like to
maintain it for real, so can I persuade you for a co-maintainership?
Independently from that, I would be happy if you can sponsor the upload,
as my normal sponsor is very busy atm.

Well, we got a mess here... I uploaded 1.0.2 last night, as my last NMU for Evo, before he proposed for me to take over the package.
So you're gonna have to wait till the next version to take this over.

Even so, I'll gladly take a look at your package anyway, let me know when it's up.
I don't think this package is complicated enough to actually need co-maintainership, but it wouldn't harm.
We can look at it again when a new version pops up, or some new bug comes along.



 Leo Antunes
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